Paseo Music

Music can be the sound track of your life and in Paseo we offer a variety of options for music lovers. Perhaps it is the sound of the steel drum while relaxing under a palm tree at the pool, or how about dancing to the beat of your favorite artist being played by a DJ? How about testing your vocal skills singing with friends at karaoke? At Paseo, we feature diverse musical events throughout the whole year.

Because we know that musical tastes differ, we schedule different acts along with recurring favorites that are enjoyed by all! Offerings range from simple pool background music to live blues bands, pop bands, karaoke and some of the areas most popular local DJs. While many of our musical events are outside in the beautiful weather, we also have some events in our Pub and formal Bistro. Our Paseo music keeps us active and young!

Be sure to check the Paseo Community Calendar for upcoming musical events!

Paseo Community Calendar