Paseo Pickleball

Among the many excellent amenities offered at Paseo is Pickleball, one of the fastest-growing sports in America. It is an exciting sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. Paseo currently has three outdoor courts; two are at Paseo Lifestyle Park, on the east side of the condo property between Oliveria Street and Kemena Street. The other court is at Paseo Sports Park, home to tennis, basketball, bocce, and pickleball.

On behalf of the Pickleball Committee, we are happy to announce the launch of CourtReserve, a reservation system for social play and Pickleball Events. With the overall interest in pickleball increasing over the past few years, members have become more challenging to know when courts are free for general play. The purpose of the system is for members to see the court’s schedule at all times, and more importantly, to reserve a specific open court on a particular day and time for social and family use.

Have you been on the court and bitten by the pickleball bug? If so, Rick Schmaelzle is here to help you. Rick offers private, semi-private lesson packages, clinics, and drill groups at Paseo, whether your goal is an intro to the game or learning Strategies For Winning. Rick was bitten by the bug seven years ago and quickly became an enthusiastic USAPA Ambassador, tournament player—medal winner, certified instructor & paddle manufacturer rep. Contact Rick at or (414) 322-5398 to make an appointment.

  • Private: $50/hour (1 player)
  • Semi-Private: $30/hour/per person (2 players)
  • Group: $25/hour/per person (3-4 players)
  • Team Coaching: $30/hour/per person (3-4 players)

“Open Play” will take place as follows:

  • Daily: 8 AM to 10 AM on Court #1 and Court #2
  • Daily: 4 PM to 6 PM on Court #1
  • Daily: 3 PM to 5 PM on Court #3

*All other times are on a reservation basis only. Follow the CourtReserve instructions below to learn more.*

CourtReserve Instructions

  • Create an account by clicking here.
  • You will be on hold as we work to verify you are a resident with full reservation rights.
  • Once you get your welcome email, you may go to (or app on your phone) and plan your day!
  • You can download the CourtReserve mobile app from both the IOS and Android stores and log in with your email/username and password.