Questions & Answers

The Paseo Master HOA is pleased to share answers to frequently asked questions about our community Master HOA, to include information about the board of directors.

What is the Master HOA responsible for?

The Master HOA is responsible for the Village Center and Paseo amenities.

We are pleased to share answers to frequently asked questions about our community HOA(s).

What are my voting rights as an owner for the community HOA?

Each unit/home is entitled to one (1) vote, which shall be cast as the owners decide between/among themselves in the case of joint ownership.

As an owner, what associations do I belong to?

All owners are members of the Master HOA and the CDD. Depending on where you live, you are also part of your residential HOA or COA.

  • Paseo Condominium Association COA: All 749 condos in Paseo
  • Provencia HOA: All 141 single-family homes on Paseo’s south side.
  • Esperanza I HOA: All 60 single-family homes on Adelio, Dario & Adora.
  • Esperanza II HOA: All 76 twin villa homes on the villa end of Esteban.
  • Esperanza III HOA: All 64 single-family homes on the single-family end of Esteban plus Hidalgo and Macario.
  • Esperanza IV HOA: All 56 single-family homes on Falisto, Renata and Paseo Drive.

When is trash pick up in the Paseo condos?

Trash pick-up for the Paseo condos is Monday and Thursday morning. Remember to be sure your trash is NOT put out the night before and is out by 9 AM that morning.

What is the contact information for the different HOA(s)?

Several HOAs and a COA comprise Paseo. While everyone is part of the Master HOA and CDD, where you live determines which residential HOA or COA you are part of. Listed below, you will find helpful contact information about the various associations serving our residents.


Paseo Master HOA

KW Property Management
Rosa Nieves | 239 834 6321
Emergency After Hours Hotline (800) 514-5770.

  • Paseo Master HOA is responsible for the Village Center Amenities, Paseo Sports Park, Lifestyle Park, and Food & Beverage services.


Paseo Condominium Association (Paseo Condo Website)

KW Property Management
Shari Foland | 239 834 6309

  • Paseo Condo HOA is responsible for exterior issues in the Townhomes, Flats, Casitas, landscaping, and trash pickup in the neighborhood’s condo section. All 749 condos in Paseo.


Provencia HOA

Compass Rose Management
Tosh Tricas | 239 309 0622

  • This HOA is responsible for rules and landscaping in their particular neighborhood section. All 141 single-family homes on Paseo’s south side.


Esperanza I & II HOA

Precedent Hospitality & Property Management | 727 573 9300

  • This HOA is responsible for rules and landscaping in their particular section of the neighborhood. Esperanza I HOA: all 60 single family homes on Adelio, Dario & Adora. Esperanza II HOA: All 76 twin villa homes on the villa end of Esteban.


Esperanza III & IV HOA

Alliant Property Management
Zoe Printz| 239 454 1101

  • This HOA is responsible for rules and landscaping in their particular section of the neighborhood. Esperanza III: All 64 single-family homes on the single-family end of Esteban plus Hidalgo and Macario. Esperanza IV HOA: All 56 single-family homes on Falisto, Renata and Paseo Drive


Paseo CDD

Rizzetta & Company
Kari Hardwick | 239 936 0913

  • The CDD is responsible for landscaping in the lakes area and the streets & street signs, lampposts, and the guardhouse operation. Contact the Paseo Guard Gate at 239-936-0913

Paseo is pleased to share answers to frequently asked questions about dining at our 3 community dining venues, the Bistro, Pub, and poolside Tiki as well at our Cafe and Ice Cream Shop.

Does Paseo Offer Catering?

We do! Contact our Director of Operations, Michelle Williams, for more information, and she can set up an appointment with the team to discuss your catering and event needs.

What are the hours for each dining location?

Although some hours do vary seasonally, below are the general hours for our dining venues.

  • Paseo Ice Cream:
    • Monday-Saturday: 7AM – 4PM
    • Sunday: 7AM – 1PM
  • Paseo Cafe
    • Daily: 7AM – 12PM
  • Paseo Pub
    • Tapas Thursday: 5PM – 8PM
    • Friday Social: 4:30PM – 8PM
  • Paseo Tiki
    • Wednesday & Thursday: 11AM – 9PM
    • Friday & Saturday: 11 AM – 9PM (Bar Open until 10PM)
    • Sunday: 11AM – 8PM (Sunday brunches at Tiki or Pub: 10AM-11:30AM).

Are reservations required to dine at Paseo?

There are no reservations for the Tiki, Ice Cream Shop, or Cafe. The Bistro and Pub require reservations. During peak season, there may be some walk-in availability at these venues.

What are my payment options for dining at Paseo?

All venues take either cash, debit cards, credit cards, or Paseo gift cards.

Paseo is pleased to share answers to frequently asked questions about the fitness center.

What hours is the Paseo Fitness Center open?

Our state-of-the-art fitness center is open daily from 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM. Just use your resident card to gain access!

What is equipment and services are provided at the Paseo Gym?

The 4,000 square foot Paseo fitness center has treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, recumbent bikes, free weights, and 14 weight machine stations. There is also a studio where Spinning, Gentle Yoga, Body Design, Zumba, and other classes. There is a small fee to participate in these specialized classes. Please check the community calendar for current offerings and talk with Member Services if you have additional questions.

What are the Fitness Center Rules at Paseo?

Click here to see the Fitness Center Rules.

Paseo is pleased to share answers to frequently asked questions about the village center. Be sure to stop by Member Services if you have additional questions.


What facilities are located at the Paseo Village Center?

Our 26,000 square foot beautiful village center offers full-service Member Services, a resort-style pool complex, fitness facilities, movie theatre, library, an internet cafe, full-service spa, and restaurant amenities including the Tiki bar by our relaxing pool, a quaint pub, ice cream shop, and a coffee shop and Bistro for more formal events. All of these magnificent amenities are in a lush tropical setting. Adjacent to this complex is a fishing pier and the tennis complex, including courts for tennis, basketball, and bocce ball.

Do I need a library card for the Paseo Library and what is available there?”

The Paseo Library is a lending library where no card is needed! Simply use your resident card to gain access inside to the well appointed library to borrow books and games or use the computers and printers that are provided.

How can I stay current about social activities & recreation offerings at Paseo?”

You can easily find information on our website through “Weekly Happenings” updates and talking with Member Services!

How can I gain access to the Village Center amenities?

Use your resident card to access the village center amenities, including the fitness center, library, and pool complex. To get issued a resident card or any problems, please visit member services.

What is the cost of the movies at Paseo?

Movies at the private Paseo movie theatre are FREE and include complimentary popcorn! Please refer to the monthly calendar for movie titles and showtimes!

Where is wi-fi offered at Paseo and what is the password?”

Paseo “Fision Wi-Fi by Hotwire” is available for guests at several buildings at the village center, including the library, pub, bistro, cafe, and the pool and tiki area.

The password is paseowifi.

Paseo is pleased to share answers to frequently asked questions about the Spa.

What services are offered at the Paseo Spa and Salon?

We offer various services, such as massage therapy, oncology massage, eyelash extensions, skincare, and hair and nails!

Do I need a reservation for spa services?

Due to the variety of spa services, we require reservations.

Paseo is pleased to share answers to frequently asked questions about the CDD.

What is the Community Development District in our community specifically responsible for?

The CDD will provide the following publicly-owned elements:

  • Off-site road improvements, streets, sidewalks, street signs, and street lighting.
  • Water management. Including central line irrigation, lake and water control structures
  • Conservation areas
  • Water and sewer facilities
  • Landscaping and entry features
  • Paseo Guard Gate

Contact the Paseo Guard Gate at (239) 936-0913 or the automated service at (239) 217-4864.

Who governs the CDD?

A five-member Board of Supervisors governs the CDD elected initially by the property owners. A majority vote of the resident electors in the community elects the Board. A professional manager implements the policies of the Board.

How are CDD services financed?

The CDD issues Special Assessment Revenue Bonds to finance community infrastructure. Generally, Community Development Districts assess each property owner a yearly capital debt service assessment to pay back those bonds. In the case of the CDD, a significant portion of the capital assessment is prepaid by the developer at the time of closing. In addition, to maintain the community’s facilities and administer the CDD, the CDD conducts a public hearing each year at which it adopts an operating and maintenance budget. The funding of this budget levies as an operational and maintenance assessment on your property by the Board of Supervisors. All residents pay for a share of the maintenance of the CDD improvements through this annual assessment.

Can I pay off the bonds on my property?

In most cases, yes! Click here to request bond payoff information.

What are the ongoing responsibilities of the CDD?

The ongoing responsibilities of the CDD are to administer CDD bonds, operate and maintain the community facilities for the benefit of the property owners.

Paseo is pleased to share answers to frequently asked questions about the pools enjoyed at our community. Please be sure to read and abide by the pool rules at all times.

Can I bring food into the pool area?

No outside food, coolers, or similar containers may be brought in from an outside source DURING tiki operations. Residents may purchase food from the Village Center facilities, but no food is permitted within 4 feet of the pool. Drinks are permitted along the edge of the pools. Glass is never allowed on the pool deck. Cooking is not allowed anywhere in the pool area.

How many guests may I bring to the pool?

Each owner may bring no more than four adult guests at any one time.

Is there a lifeguard at the Paseo pool complex?

There is no lifeguard on duty, and all persons using the pools and hot tub do so at their own risk

What is the policy regarding children at the pool complex?

  • All children 14 years of age or younger should be accompanied and supervised by an adult aged 21 or older.
  • Children under the age of 12 may not use the hot tub at any time.
  • All children using diapers must use swim diapers with leak-proof pants, and adults must report any fecal contamination to the management company.

Can I bring my own music source to the pool?

Radios, tape recorders, and CD players may be played at the pool only with headphones.

What is the policy on diving & jumping and playing ball in the pool?

Diving, jumping, pushing, running, wrestling, ball-playing, or frisbee throwing is not allowed in the pool. General conduct at the pool should be courteous, and guests should conduct themselves in a manner that does not unreasonably disturb or annoy others enjoying the pool.

What are the pool hours?

The pool hours are dawn to dusk.

Is there a place to swim laps at Paseo?

The lap pool is available for lap swimming. The south half of the pool is reserved for swimming laps from dawn to 11:00 AM daily. The only exception is during water aerobics classes which are scheduled with the approval of management. At other times, swimmers should be courteous to those wishing to swim laps as space permits

Are pets permitted at the pool complex?

Except for service animals, pets may not be brought (walked or carried) into the pool complex. Pets are never allowed in the pool.

Can I save seats at the pool?

  • All pool furniture, including lounge chairs, tables, chairs, and umbrellas, are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. Seats and tables cannot be reserved by leaving personal items on them.
  • Pool furniture must remain on the pool deck and may not be taken to other areas of the property at any time. If it is moved within the pool deck, it must be returned to its original location at the end of use.
  • Please remove all your personal items when you are vacating the pool.
  • Please remember to wipe down the pool furniture at the end of use.
  • Why do I need to shower prior to entering the pool?

Why do I need to shower prior to entering the pool?

To aid with sanitation practices, it is essential to shower before entering the pool and hot tub. Additionally, no soaps or shampoos are permitted at the poolside showers. Please do not enter the pool or hot tub if you have open wounds, contagious conditions, or infections. Management has the right to make a judgment regarding any person’s fitness to enter the pool or hot tub.

Can I use toys, rafts, and floats in the pools?

  • Toys, floats, rafts, surfboards, and air-filled tubes are not permitted in any swimming pool or hot tub.
  • Small floating “noodles,” personal Coast Guard approved life-saving devices, and floatation devices attached to and to be used by small children as a safety device are permitted to be used at the pool.
  • Child waist and arm floatation devices are permitted in the pool.
  • Items may never be stored at the pool for future use.
  • Wheelchairs and strollers are permitted on the pool deck only. They are not allowed in the pool.

Can I bring my bike or skateboard into the pool complex?

Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, and roller skates are prohibited on the pool deck.

What are the rules for the hot tub?

There are no more than 8 people permitted in the hot tub at any given time.

No person is allowed in the hot tub for more than 15 minutes during a one-hour period.

The hot tub may not be used by anyone less than 12 years of age.

Can I smoke or vape at the pool?

Smoking and vaping are only allowed in the designated area outside located on the Bistro patio

What should I do if I hear thunder or see lightning?

During lightning and thunderstorms, residents should vacate the pools, hot tub, and pool deck immediately.

How can I gain access to the pool complex?

The pool can be accessed through one of two gates located at the Village Center. Use your fingerprints to gain access from dawn to dusk for pool use and during Tiki hours. Remember that these gates should remain locked at all times.

Can I wear my bathing attire indoors at the Village Center?

No wet clothing is allowed inside the Village Center buildings or gym. Please wear a shirt or beach cover-up when going inside.

What hours is the Tiki bar open?

The hours of the Tiki may vary with the season.

  • Wednesday & Thursday, 11AM – 9PM
  • Friday & Saturday, 11 AM – 10PM
  • Sunday, 11AM – 8PM

Be sure to check the dining web page to see current or hours or contact Member Services.

What type of food is served at the Tiki bar?

The Tiki menu includes delicious cold soft drinks, tropical drinks, an assortment of beer, tasty appetizers, fresh salads, sandwiches, and burgers. Our Executive Chef also features specialty options weekly. Be sure to check out the full menu on our dining page.

What are the pool rules at Paseo?

Click here to see the pool rules.

Paseo is pleased to share answers to general frequently asked questions.

What are the fishing policies in Paseo?

The CDD governs the fishing lakes within Paseo. A document detailing the regulations can be found on the resident portal under the Other Documents, and Forms link under the Governing Documents folder. Below are some essential items to keep in mind:

  • Fishing is permitted from the District-owned fishing pier located at the north end of the lake spanning Paseo Grande Boulevard and from the lake banks of the interior lakes outlined in red in the above noted CDD document.
  • Property owners whose lots back up to a lake may fish from the banks behind their property, as outlined in yellow on the above-noted document.
  • Fishing from any other location is not permitted.
  • The District has a catch and releases policy for all fish caught in the lakes where fishing is permitted.
  • Fishing is at your own risk.

You may also require a fishing license unless you are exempt from that requirement. Please refer to this SWFL site for more information.

Fishing Requirements

What night life is there in Paseo?

There are many things to do in Paseo in the evening.

  • The Tiki bar is open Wednesday – Sunday nights. This venue has many scheduled activities such as DJs, bands, and Karaoke.
  • The Pub is open Thursday & Friday nights for dining. This venue may also schedule other activities during the week, such as trivia, game nights, and paint nights.
  • The Paseo Movie Theatre shows movies on Friday & Saturday evenings.
  • The Paseo sports park courts are lit for nighttime play.
  • See monthly activities calendar for nighttime activities and events.

What type of residences are in Paseo?

Paseo offers residences for everyone! We provide a luxurious signature and estate single-family homes as well as spacious twin villas. In addition, there are many diverse multi-unit options available, including exciting townhomes, thoughtfully designed flats, and charming casitas. Many floor plans include private pools & spas, and most offer large lanais for beautiful outdoor living!

How large is Paseo?

Paseo sits on 444 beautifully landscaped acres! Our gated community offers world-class amenities and a wealth of home choices that appeal to a wide array of buyers. Paseo includes 1,158 homes in our very socially active community, but it is also an intimate place to call home!

What should I do if I have issues with or have lost my car transponder?

All applicants desiring to receive a new transponder shall obtain a New Transponder Registration Form by downloading it from the Paseo CDD Website or by collecting a copy from the Paseo CDD guardhouse.

Is there a “Lost and Found“ at Paseo

Yes! If you have lost something, contact Member Services at (239) 834-6300 to see if someone found it.

Can we hold yard sales in Paseo?

Our bylaws do not allow for yard sales within Paseo.

What is the contact number for the Paseo Main Guard Gate?

The Paseo Guard Gate at 239-936-0913 or the automated service at 239-217-4864.