Paseo Mahjong

Come join your Paseo neighbors for a relaxing day of Mahjong in the Paseo Pub. Test your skill and strategy while you build your set of tiles and enjoy a delicious lunch served while you play.

Mahjong is played Thursdays 10AM – 3PM. See monthly calendar for updates & location:

Paseo Community Calendar

For more information, call Lin Watson at (239) 288-6648.

Interested in learning more? Learn Mahjong!

A set of 144 Mahjong tiles consists of 36 tiles in the Bamboo suit, 36 in the Circle suit, 36 in the Character suit, 16 Wind tiles, 12 Dragon tiles and 8 bonus tiles (4 Flowers and 4 Seasons).

The aim is to collect sets of tiles according to the number and type shown on the face of each tile. A player takes and discards a tile each turn and the first player whose hand consists entirely of a legal set or sets goes out or goes “Mah Jong”. Mahjong is really remarkably simple when reduced to its basics and it is only the accompanying rituals and complex scoring that change this. One of these rituals, the process of shuffling the tiles at the start of the game, is known as “The twittering of the sparrows”, presumably because of the accompanying noise. Since Mahjong means “the game of the sparrows” or “Sparrow tiles” in Chinese, it seems likely that this is the source of the game’s title.