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Paseo welcomes you to our website's page with reviews from many of the wonderful residents that call our community home. In sharing the following comments from our residents it is our hope that like those listed below you too will come to discover what a special community Paseo truly is.

- Tom & Patty Stanton - Paseo Since 2013

My Paseo Life is "Perfect". My husband Tom and I have lived in Paseo since 2013 and it has been everything we thought is would be and more! We searched for a home for several years and nothing compared to Paseo. The community is filled with wonderful people and we have made great friendships that will last a lifetime! Our lifestyle is active and there are always friends to play golf with, play pickleball with, relax at the pool with or have a fun evening at the Tiki! It is the perfect balance between relaxation and celebration! The amenities are perfect! The location is perfect! Being Red Sox fans the proximity to JetBlue park is perfect! It is a short drive to the beach and the setting next to a protected slough is perfect and we enjoy beautiful wildlife! The weather is perfect! It is a perfect place to share with family and friends! Our Paseo life is a "Perfect Paradise"!

- Jim & Andrea - Paseo Since 2012

My Paseo Life is as busy as I want it to be and let me tell you, it is very busy. I have been a snowbird for the past 5 seasons and enjoying everyday that I spend in Paseo.  My husband and I rented a casita in Paseo the first season after he retired from a busy career working in NYC. By the end of our 2 month rental we didn't want to leave.  We decided to buy a Montessa home which was built exactly to our expectations and ready for the following winter season.  We spend our days enjoying our pool, sweating in the gym,  playing bocce, playing poker, swimming in the lagoon pool, having lunch at the Tiki, playing Maj Jong, having dinner in the Pub and enjoying a movie in the Theatre, or just taking an evening walk around the beautiful community.  My first impression was that everyone is so friendly. While renting the first year, I would often go to the gym and stop at the coffee bar before heading back to the casita.  I often engaged in a conversation with a perfect stranger and they immediately became a friendly familiar face to stop and talk to whenever I was around the Village Center or just wading in the Lagoon Pool. We soon became friends with what I know will be lifelong friends and enjoyed Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, Italian Nite, New Year's Eve and a variety of Dinner/Dance functions that were nothing but great. Of course, we had our share of friends who came to visit us the first few years. We had such a wonderful time entertaining them with all of Paseo's amenities and just bragging how wonderful our life in Paseo has been. Not only did they love it here themselves, they also purchased a condo and spend the winters in Paradise Paseo. We love living in Paseo. Can you gather that!

- Jennifer Grant - Paseo Since 2012

My Paseo Life is Amazing! I purchased my condo in January of 2012. Every time I come home after work and enter through our gates, I honestly can not believe I live in paradise and Paseo is my home!

I love being active; walking around our beautiful community, working out in our state of the art gym, and dancing to my own beat during a Zumba class. I enjoy relaxing at our resort style pool, drinking Paseo Punch at our tiki bar or going to a movie in our theater.

While I knew I would love the Paseo lifestyle, what I didn’t know back in 2012, is that I would develop the most incredible friendships here in Paseo. I am proud to be a member of the Paseo Posse - and cherish my Paseo friendships. From staking out our piece of paradise by the pool, to winning our annual Halloween costume party (Paseo People!) to enjoying amazing food at one of our progressive dinners and to counting down the seconds to the new year - we have created something really special here and I am truly blessed.

- Jim & Barb Currier - Paseo Since 2010

My paseo life is incredible. From the moment we arrive at RSW for the short 10 minute cab ride to the beautiful fountains and water that greet us as we pass through the secure gate. We are then in our own little paradise spending the day at the 5-star pool is amazing. Then off to one of the many fine restaurants that are very close by. Life does not get any better than our second home of Paseo!

- Lori, Bob, Madi & Cati - Paseo Since 2009

Our Paseo Life is...simply peaceful. Our daughters, Madi & Cati, attend college outside of Southwest Florida, and Bob travels extensively. When we discuss vacation options, inevitably we conclude that our vacation must be a stay-cation at home where we can enjoy the lush landscape at Paseo. And if we feel social, we have a pool with food & beverage service as well as sporting and spa amenities just a short walk from our home. Who could ask for more?

- Toni & John - Paseo Since 2015

Our Paseo life is pleasant! We moved to Paseo in June of 2015 and are originally from Lexington, KY. The community is quiet and clean and the landscaping is beautiful. Our neighbors are kind, quiet and caring. With the pool, Tiki Hut, Cafe and Bistro there is little need to leave Paseo other than for necessities, but if you want to venture out, everything you might want is nearby. We love living in Paseo!

- Eric & Barbara Larson - Paseo Since 2014

Our Paseo life is really special! Hi. I'm Barbara Larson and have been with my sweet and loving husband for 12 years. We moved from Rochester, New York in February 2014 and are now permanent residents. We can't believe how many friendships that we've been blessed with since living here. The community is very diverse with people from many backgrounds and age groups. The wonderful amenities only add to this unique community. Our town center included resort style pools, an incredible tiki bar, pub and bistro. We also have the luxury of a phenomenal movie theater, state of the art gym, hair and nail salon, massage spa and library. There are numerous activities such as tennis, pickle ball and bocce courts. When you live here you really do not need to go anywhere. The lush foliage truly adds to our love of Paseo making it feel that we live in paradise.

- Laureen - Paseo Since 2014

Our Paseo Life was the best decision my husband, Mike, and I ever made! We just finished up our third year of living the dream and the Paseo community is a big part of that! From the tiki, tennis, pickle ball, movies, library, and fitness center…there is always something to do. The friendly community is the best part!! The best way I can describe it is that as soon as we drive through those front gates into the beautiful manicured community, I am so happy. Simple as that!

- Frank & Carol Dengler - Paseo Since 2006

Our Paseo life is great! We live in a centrally located Fort Myers gated community that is surrounded by a nature preserve. Fort Myers offers the beaches and waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the climate of a tropical paradise, and all the conveniences you expect to find in a large city. Yet our home, while very close to the city life, is in a resort setting that features tranquil lakes and a nature preserve. We are blessed with activities; we can enjoy the many amenities of Paseo, or the quiet of nature, or the bustle of the city – whichever suits our mood.

- Judy & Pat - Paseo Since 2010

Our Paseo life is incredible! We love everything about living in this Southwest Florida paradise. The people are so friendly, the amenities are fantastic, and there is never a problem finding something to do.

- Mr & Mrs Fine - Paseo Since 2010

My Paseo Life is relaxing, happy, friendly and fulfilling. We first found Paseo accidentally when we went to buy Baltimore Oriole Spring Training tickets and an ad for the community popped up. My husband and I bought and moved into our Escondido in October 2008. At the beginning, we would fly in for long weekends, but now we live here about 70% of the year. There was not much built then, but we did have the village center, which opened in March 2008. Our Maryland home is in Columbia, which is a planned community between Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland. When we first toured Paseo, we found it to be similar to Columbia, so we felt right at home, immediately.

Paseo is beautiful, the staff is friendly, the residents are warm, and I can on and on. We love to walk around the ponds, go to the gym, eat at the Tiki/Pub, sing at Karaoke, or attend the many planned activities whether day or evening. Chris and I have made many lifelong friends and love our time together with them. We feel very lucky we decided to buy tickets to Oriole/Twins spring training game and have the fortune to have the Paseo ad pop up.

- Audrey & Roman - Paseo Since 2010

Where do I begin?  I guess with my very own story of moving to Paseo nearly 7 years ago as full time residents after working for 40 years in NJ.  The first 2 years here we would walk around just saying "pinch me ... do we really live here?!"  But as the saying goes ... "you get used to good things very quickly."  We truly could not believe that we, in fact, were lucky enough to discover such a place ... a Heaven on Earth, a Fantasy Island if you will. Besides the true beauty of nature and the park-like lush resort setting, we are isolated and secluded in what seems to be our very own island, even though a mere 1 mile from what I consider all of "outside civilization".  All the shopping and restaurants anyone could ever wish for within very close proximity.  When you are "here", you feel as though "you have arrived".  You are happy.  You are safe.  You are at peace.  You are calm.  AND you are having more fun than you ever had in your life!  This is how we feel.  This is how you will feel.  Now, how do others perceive us?  I must quote a friend who came to visit for the very first time.  She spoke of our Paseo with such enthusiasm during a phone call I overhead her make.  Here's what she said:

"I cannot believe this place!"  "You feel as though you are on a Hollywood Movie Set, but it's all real ... it's not fake ... I never saw anything like it" she said.  "You have your very own Movie Theater, and it's free!  You have your very own Library with computers available!  You have a State of the Art Gym!  You have two fabulous pools (one lagoon and one lap) with tiki huts and the cutest kiddie pool I have ever seen.  You have a fabulous thatched hut Tiki Bar serving great food & drinks, with entertainment and fabulous events.  You have holiday galas.  You have home cooked meal nights in the Pub.  You have Sunday brunch in the Bistro. You have book clubs, tennis clubs, adventure clubs, educational clubs, card groups, art groups, dance lessons, spin class, yoga classes, aqua aerobics"....  Yes, and the list goes on.

And now I must talk about our Paseo-ans.  The residents of Paseo.  Who are they?  They come from diverse backgrounds, all different cities in the U.S. as well as several other countries.  What are they like: They are fun loving, caring, giving people. They are great neighbors.  They are people who are drawn together in paradise and now you are blessed to call them your friends.  And now, everything must have a downside right?  Here it is:  Life goes too fast. It's more than you ever dreamed "your life" could be and on a daily basis!  You just want it to go on forever.  That's MY PASEO LIFE.

- Mary Schaper-Blough - Paseo Since 2010

My Paseo Life is...the things that dreams are made of! Living AND working makes for a WONDERFUL and FULFILLING life! Great People, Great variety of activities, Great landscape and LOVE our Village Center.

- Mark & Marie - Paseo Since 2014

Our Paseo Life is...simply incredible! If one chooses there is such an abundance of activities to take advantage of here in Paseo. You can become involved in the team tennis, or simply play with any of the numerous people who enjoy it as a recreational activity. You have an opportunity to relax in the lagoon pool or swim laps in the lap pool. Whatever you want Paseo certainly has it. Most importantly what makes Paseo so unique, other than the lush landscaping, are the residents. They are friendly, helpful, interesting, and a pleasure to associate with. I did not really know what to expect when I moved here but I found out quick enough that socialization is what really makes Paseo as unique as it is.

- Brad & Terri Cherkin - Paseo Since 2008

Our Paseo Life is everything we want it to be! In the spring of 2008 Terri and I were on our way to the beach and I told her I heard about a new community called Paseo and that we should take a look.

 We just came home the previous summer celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in Italy.   When we drove into Paseo I couldn't quite catch my breath and looked at Terri and said my goodness this looks like Italy with a fresh coat of paint !

 We purchased our Escondido and moved in the following June.   Watching Paseo develop over the past nine years has been a wonderful  experience on many levels.  We are so very fortunate to live in a beautiful unique community with so many outstanding amenities and most importantly a diverse, intelligent and caring neighborhood of which we are now the beneficiaries of very special lifelong friendships.

 We have been in the Southwest Florida community for 20 years and I can tell you I have visited just about every neighborhood over that period of time.   I've yet to find a place that I would prefer to reside. I'm so proud to be part of such a special place.

- Arlene Wahl - Paseo Since 2008

My Paseo Life is amazing! The amenities are fabulous. A resort-style pool where I have met so many new friends. The movie theater has the current movies as they are released on dvd.

Like ice-cream? Me too! I can just walk to the Community Center for the "Love Boat" flavored ice-cream. The best home-made ice cream in Southwest Florida. It was my good fortune to to have found the Paseo community for my retirement.

  • P - for the people I have met here
  • A - for the amenities provided
  • S - for the services that are extended
  • E - for the entertainment offered
  • O - for the organized activities to keep us active
- Rick & Pat - Paseo Since 2008

My (Our) Paseo Life is fantastic! My wife Pat and I became proud Paseo residents in February of 2008 when we purchased a Santa Cruz model on a pool quad.   In 2012, we sold our condo and built a home in the Esperanza section of Paseo, becoming the first move-ins in that area. Over the past eight years, our Paseo life has afforded us the opportunity to make many wonderful new friends.  Of course, we love the weather and the casual lifestyle Florida provides.  However, it is complimented by a special place, Paseo, where the amenities and landscaping create a beautiful setting to relax, play and enjoy life. Pat and I are thrilled we made the choice to live in this community.  It is all we hoped it would be, and more! 

- John C. - Paseo Since 2017
What I want to make of it... Relaxing when I want to relax, but Fun when I want to have fun!
- Jo-Ann and Tom - Paseo Since Resident Since (Year)
My Paseo Life is everything we expected! We bought our home here four years ago and have enjoyed every minute of it. My wife Jo-Ann and I have made many wonderful friends. Our retirement years have truly been blessed.
- Bill & Marjorie Kirrane - Paseo Since 2016
Our PASEO life is living in paradise! We are so lucky to have found this community. This community has wonderful amenities and there is always something to do. We have made many friends and enjoy our PASEO lifestyle.