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Paseo Spin with Fred

This is a 55-minute class that includes a brief warm up, light stretches and cool down. Ride profiles focus on strength, endurance, intervals or a little of each! All fitness levels are welcome for this great cardio workout.

The class includes work on medium resistance speed work and slower high resistance hill climbing. To set the mood and pace this is done with motivating rhythmic music to inspire the rider. Classes are very popular and are first come first serve.

Beginning November 2019, classes are normally held on Tuesday at 8:30am - 9:25PM , Thursdays 8:30AM - 9:25AM & Satrurday's 8:30AM-9:25AM (Fred).
Cost is $8 per session. Cash Only.

Be sure to check the Paseo Community Calendar and look for updates in Paseo What's Happening!
Be on the lookout for news about Paseo's new cycling club coming this coming Season!

Paseo Community Calendar

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