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19 January 2018
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We are happy to inform you that we have recently added additional functionality to These enhancements are designed to make the site more usable and valuable to our residents and guests. Many of them are the result of member feedback and input. In addition to the user enhancements, there were several enhancements to the back end of the system to allow for better site content maintenance. Below is a brief description of the new features:

  • Enhanced Security - You will notice a lock or https rather than http in the result in the search bar when you navigate to our site. We have purchased and implemented a SSL certificate making our site more secure.
  • Alert Icon - You will see Paseo Alert with a speaker Icon in the top navigation bar. If you click on it, it will contain a brief summary of site changes such as movie updates, calendar updates, new documents, news articles, etc! This will allow users greater visibility to those changes!
  • Two-column page format change - We have updated what appears in the second column on pages like social & recreation. This allows quicker access to items that are of greatest interest to users. The new content is: News, Calendar, Movies, Reviews, Member Services
  • Social Media Integration - If you visit our Facebook page, you will now see many of our site pages on the left column giving visitors to our social media more information about our community.
  • NEW FEATURE Activity Groups - Once you log into the Resident Portal you will see a new link called Activity Groups below the My Friends link. This feature allows you to join groups that interest you and then have the ability to send a group message to that group. Members of the group can then send you a message in response if they choose. I created 6 groups to start and can add others for other recreational activities and clubs. Current groups are: Basketball, Bocce, Golf, Pickleball, Tennis, Volley Ball
  • NEW Real Estate Page - As a way to show site visitors what may be available in Paseo, we implements a simple Real Estate page. It is a brief description of Paseo and a link to the MLS page for sales and for rentals. In the first iteration, the user may need to select a few filters to view Paseo only. This functionality is a convenience for site users. In 2018 there will be greater discussion about this functionality and how to further enhance it to add value to our community.
  • Guest Registration - We have added the ability to register your guest for the site and allow Member Services to print a finger print form from that registration. Previously they could not do that, so this is a more complete process. On your home page you can also see guests you have registered for a future visit where as before you could only view those visiting on the visit dates.
  • Over the new week we will be adding new photographs to the site as well! As with any new system, occasionally there can be issues and if you experience any please let Member Services know and they can inform the Webmaster for research and resolution!