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Message from The Board of Directors

8 November 2017
Board Passes 2018 Budget-Fees Go Down

Last February, the Board of Directors became deeply concerned about the Association's finances and operations. In retrospect, without an intervention by the Board of Directors, the Association very easily could have faced a special assessment to get through the remainder of this year. The Board took immediate, corrective action. Among other things, the Board had all key managers replaced and it directly involved itself in the hiring of a new General Manager. Additionally, the Board took a more proactive position in working with KW to address Association issues. In short, the Board began to treat the operations of the Village Center more like a business.

Since then, the operations and finances of the Association have turned around quite nicely. Instead of facing a special assessment, the Board and the new KW team have been able to work together to produce significant cash surpluses. These surpluses have allowed the Board to lower fees in the 2018 budget for homeowners while at the same time accelerate the replacement and maintenance of equipment that is badly needed. The 2018 budget makes up the prior year reserve funding shortfalls as well as overfunds the Association's 2018 reserve requirement. The 2018 budget funds the purchase of heaters for the pools; more furniture replacement; more gym equipment replacement; an overhaul of our security infrastructure; upgrades to tennis, pickleball, bocce and the court areas; and improvements in the quality of entertainment for Members. The 2018 budget enhances the package of amenities offered to Residents while at the same time addresses many Members most important concern; holding HOA fees down. The Board fully recognizes that there are still issues to resolve and it fully expects to deal with more bumps in the road. However, it is making progress. It is moving forward. It will continue to work hard for Members to meet Association needs.

The 2018 budget reflects the efforts of many people who have volunteered their time to help the Board and KW work for you! It has been a team effort.

The Board wants to especially thank:

  • Barbara Wightman, Chair of the Furniture Committee
  • Amy Debroux, Chair of the DRC
  • Lori Burke, Chair of the Communications Committee
  • Bobbie Fine, Chair of the Disciplinary Committee
  • Brad Konopaske, Chair of the Social Committee
  • Steve Hayden, Chair of the Tennis Committee
  • Steve Pedi, Chair of the Pickleball Committee

We want to thank all of the committee members who work on these committees for their efforts. Mostly, we want to thank them for sacrificing some of their time to get involved; helping the Association solve problems and to move the Association forward. Truly Folks, the Master Association Board couldn't have accomplished many of its objectives without the support and efforts of all its committee members.