Paseo Alert Site and Resident Portal

19 August 2017
Resident Portal Highlights

Thank you to those of you who have taken the time to register and explore our new community site. Without logging into the Resident Portal you still have access to wonderful information about our Paseo Community including amenities overview, recreation and social activities, spa information, beautiful galleries, FAQs, our community calendar and more. Once you log into the Resident Portal you get access to additional information as a resident owner. We are also working to send out eblasts when key items are updated such as the calendar, movies, menus and document updates. This should occur very shortly!

Resident Portal Highlights

  • You can set up and edit your profile which you can chose to share with friends and/or neighbors, or keep that information private
  • You can create an emergency contact file
  • You can message friends or neighbors
  • You have the ability to make dining reservations
  • You have access to see the Master HOA Board information in the MORE dropdown or from the bottom footer navigation
  • You have access to Master HOA Communication and Documents

Below is the organizational structure for the documents. We will be adding new documents as quickly as possible. Some folders also have calendar year folders within them if there are a significant number of documents to streamline navigation.

Board Corner and Communication

  1. Upcoming Agenda
  2. Presidents Reports
  3. Treasurers Reports
  4. Managers Reports
  5. Meeting Minutes and Agendas
  6. DRC
  7. Committee Updates
  8. Budgets

Other Documents and Forms

  1. Governing Documents
  2. Insurance Documents
  3. Village Center Rules and Policies
  4. Forms

If you have not registered, please register and explore our new community site and register!